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What's in a name.

Our founder and herd leader, Cari Jones, has always had a passion for pachyderms. Well before starting out on her own creatively, she actually spent several years caring for both Asian and African Elephants in a zoological setting in Miami, Florida.  Now, years later, her experience with those hard-working, loyal and intelligent creatures led to the naming of Elephant Creative Co. If you ask her, she will tell you she learned more about hard work, patience, trust, attitude and loyalty caring for six 10,000 pound animals than she did from any textbook or desk job. Cari strives to emulate those skills and attitudes she developed when caring for those larger-than-life creatures through the services she and her team provide.  So that's why we're Elephant Creative Co. Let us show you how hard-working and loyal we are to our clients and just how much noise we can make for you and your brand! 
" I feel that I bring a unique understanding of communication, loyalty, hard work and attitude to this company that would not have existed without having the experience I did with those elephants." 
-Cari Jones, Founder

Purpose-driven marketing

Other than the unique story behind our name, the other truth that we hold ourselves to is the notion of giving back.  Purpose-driven marketing is something we are passionate about.  Finding those opportunities to truly use our powers and talents for good is what keeps us sleeping well at night. While a good portion of our clientele is for-profit businesses, we always make room for our non-profit friends who are doing the selfless work that keeps the humanity in our world.  For this reason, we limit ourselves and the number of clients we can take at any given time.  We believe in quality, not quantity and that is a part of our brand we will not compromise on. If you are a nonprofit needing a marketing company, web design or anything in between.  We can assist you or point you in the direction of one of our trusted partners. 

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These are just some of the organizations we support as clients and friends.

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