Elephant Creative Company
A smorgasbord of other work we have completed recently.
 (Yes, we had to look up how to spell smorgasbord...but it's fun to say)
  1. Roost Coffee Roasters
    Roost Branding
  2. HSMS Branding
    HSMS Branding
  3. Prestige Auto & Cycle Web
    Prestige Web
  4. Health Cow Packaging
    Healthy Cow Packaging
  5. MINI Billboard Campaign
    MINI Branding
  6. Event Branding
    TFT Branding
  7. Title 7
    Title 7
  8. Burning Branch Package Design
    Burning Branch Package Design
  9. Event Branding
    Rescue Ride Branding
  10. Steel Reserve Outdoor Campaign
    Steel Reserve Campaign
  11. 5th Avenue Films Website
    5th Ave Films Website
  12. Excelerate Technology Mailers
    Excelerate Mailers
  13. OMNI Print Ads
    OMNI Print Ads
  14. Roselli Post Cards
    Roselli Advertising
  15. Live Connected Logo
    LC Logo
  16. Mary Jo Chamberlin Realty Logo
    MJC Realty Logo
  17. The Davie Ranch Logo
    Davie Ranch Logo
  18. Flowerchain Foundation Logo
    Flowerchain Logo
  19. Florida Athletic Development Center Logo
    FADC Logo Branding
  20. Half Price Books Mall Campaign
    Half Price Books Campaign
  21. Milwaukee Public Market Outdoor
    MPM Campaign
  22. Prestige Auto & Cycle Website
    Prestige Auto Website
  23. SCG Business Consulting Branding
    SCG Business Consulting
  24. Pull Up Banners
    Excelerate Technology Banners
  25. Brew City Bully Club Logo
    BCBC Logo
  26. Jones Services Logo
    Jones Services Logo
  27. Cause & Event Logo
    Cause & Event Logo
  28. Jacksonville Clinic Logo
    Jacksonville Clinic Logo
  29. Training Teens for Jobs Website
    TTJ Website
  30. 5th Avenue Films
  31. Title 34
    Title 34
  32. Style Bar
  33. Mail Promotion Series
    Mail Promotion Series
  34. Trade Show Banners
    Trade Show Banners
  35. Packaging Design
    Packaging Design
  36. 5k Race Logo
    5k Race Logo