Elephant Creative Company


Hiring a new company to help you with your advertising and design can be scary! We want to take away some of the fear and replace it with the fun of being creative together. Hopefully, these FAQs will leave you feeling more confident about moving forward with Elephant Creative Co. 
  1. How do you get to know our company values and culture and use it in your design?
    Often times we use a series of surveys and questionnaires to help us (and often times you) understand what makes your company and your customers unique. The old adage "you can't see the forest through the trees" is often true of companies that find it difficult to develop their brand. Our fresh eyes and creative minds will help connect the dots to have you plotting your course to marketing success in no time.
  2. How long will this take?
    Well, it depends on what "this" is. Every project has a different timeline, but we try to be as transparent with you from the beginning about what we will do and what we will ask you to do to keep the timline rolling.
  3. What is this going to cost me?
    Can you really put a price tag on creativity? Yes. Turns out you can. We keep our overhead low to give you our best pricing on all work. Generally speaking, our costs range from $85-$125 / hour for basic design work. Per project, per month and retainer based pricing is also available for ongoing projects or monthly needs. Our non-profit friends will always receive a discount on our services.
  4. Can we hire you on a monthly basis?
    Yes. We prefer it actually! Not that we don't love designing a logo here and a magazine cover there - but our best work is done when we work consistently with our clients and partners over a long period of time and develop a relationship and a brand that we both know inside and out. Monthly retainers are based on the number of hours or projects you want per month. Roll over hours each month are available. Let's chat if this sounds like what you need.
  5. I can get a logo online for $5, why should I pay more for you to do it.
    Google the difference between vector and raster images. When you buy a chop shop logo online - you get what you pay for. Generally, that is one file, probably a jpeg file - which will have poor resolution, not be editable and can't be sized up or down without a degradation in the quality. When you hire us, you get about 40-50 final files of a fully custom logo you love in every size, type and color code...plus a handy guide to when to use which logo!
  6. Do you keep the rights to your art?
    No. Upon full payment for each job, the intellectual property becomes yours. Our designs do not come trademarked or copywritten, but we can point you in the right direction if you are looking to preserve your shiny new property from future forgeries.
  7. Do you come to us? Do we come to you?
    If you're in the Columbus, Ohio or Naples, Florida area - we will gladly take you to lunch and discuss your needs, otherwise, we rely heavily on video calls, Zoom meetings and good 'ol fashion phone calls to get the job done.
  8. Do you have other artists on staff?
    All of our artists, designers, and developers are contractors. This is done on purpose. You can't stick a creative person in a 68-degree, concrete-walled room from 9-5 and expect them to blow your creative mind. Our contractors are hand-selected for their strengths and the types of projects they excel at. Some are logo guroos, others are developer whiz-kids - our team is consistent, but we all collaborate and create in our way.
If you're ready to be creative together, let's collaborate on your next project!